Honoring the guest – a companion’s dedication

Another incident from the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions, how much sacrifice they did to receive the pleasure of Almighty.

One day, a man came to the circle of the Prophet (PBUH).

He complained of the hunger he is going through.

Prophet (PBUH) send for his household to bring some food for this person to have.

The reply came:

“By the One who has sent you with the message, there is nothing left except water!”.

As the Prophet and his household  themselves did not have the food. He asked the companions in the circle.

“Whoever hosts this person, Allah will be pleased with you”.

Hearing this, one companion stood up and asked permission to be the host and was given permission.

His condition was also not very different. As he went home he asked his wife, “What we have for dinner?”.

His wife replied:”Just enough for our kids”.

Hearing this, the companion told his wife that the guest is from the Prophet (PBUH) and let the kids sleep early and extinguish the lamp before the dinner so that host will not see they are not eating even if they are sitting in his company.

His wife did so, and they all went hungry that night offerring the food to their guest.

The next morning, the Prophet (PBUH) called his companion as said, Allah has revealed to me about your righteous deed last night and he is pleased with you!

The incident shows dedication and sacrifices for the sake of Almighty was a regular event in the company of the Prophet (PBUH)