Not your deeds but the mercy of God

If you do good deeds, will it take you to heaven?

Prophet (SAWS) once told this story:
Long ago, there was a survivor from a ship wreck. He was saved in to an island. In the island he was all alone.

This person was a man of faith. When he was thirsty he looked around for water and found a spring where he could drink from.

He found a tree that will give him a fruit everyday. He ate from it.

He did not complain and lived with these simple things.

Any other time, he was involved in the remembrance of God and in prayers.

He grew old there in the island and when the time approached, the angel of death came and took his soul.

His soul was presented in front of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) was happy with his sincere devotion. And ordered angels to admit this believer to the heaven, out of his mercy.

The man was surprised. He humbly requested the Almighty.

“O Allah, I have had a very simple life in the world and I spent all my life in the prayers and in your remembrance. Why won’t you enter me to your heaven due to my deeds”.

Hearing the pleading of His servant, Allah (SWT), the merciful, asked the angel to present his records.

Angels said, “Allah, all praises be to you. This servant of yours is indeed a good person. However, all the good deed he was able to do with the abilities you have given him. If we take all the value of his deeds, it will not come closer to one blessing of eye sight You had given to him in the world. So he received much more than all the rewards for good deeds in the world itself and in the hereafter nothing will be left for him. By that account he needs to go to hell not to heaven”.

Hearing this the believer shivered. He cried to the Almighty.

“Allah, you the most high. Enter me to your heaven out of your mercy and not due to my good deeds”

So Allah the Holy one, let him to heaven out his mercy!