Sumayya (RA) the first Martyr of Islam

Summayya bint Khayyat(RA) is the firs martyr in IslamAmong those who sacrificed life for faith of Islam, a woman comes first. Her blessed name is Sumayya (R.A).

Earlier Muslims had to sacrifice a lot to keep their faith. Among the sacrifces, Sumayya (RA) was a woman companion of the blessed Prophet (SAWS) who had to give up her life for the faith.

Yasir (RA) and his wife Sumayya (RA) belonged to a poor family. Ammar(RA) was their son.

During pre-Islamic ages exploitation of the poor was a regular incident. Moreover was the abuse of women.

It was the time women were considered a disgrace to the family and the baby girls were burried alive.

At this corrupt time, the blessed Prophet, came with the message of Islam which mandated the rich to share the wealth and respect the women.

Prophet taught that there is a life after the death in this world and the cruelty done to the baby girls will be questioned.

He asked the women to dress modestly warned against those who prefer boys over girls.

It was not strange that the message captured the victims of horrible practices that existed. Sumayya(RA) was both poor and she was a woman.

Yasir(RA) and Sumayya accepted Islam along with their son Ammar (RA).

Abu Jahal was one of the heads in Makkah. He used to take all the measures to turn the people away from Islam.

But as with any enemy of the Almighty, he found that message of Islam goes so deep in to the heart of the believers.

Abu Jahal and his company used to torture Yasir (RA) and his family. But their faith remained strong.

Prophet (PBUH) at this occassion guranteed the whole family that they will be in the heaven.

Anger and frustration of Abu Jahal and his companions grew each day.

Seeing that they will not give up their faith, Abu Jahal decided to kill them.

He bayoneted the brave and faithful Sumayya (RA) through the most noble part of the woman and killed her.

Even when the pain of spear passing through the private part Sumayya (RA) kept her faith.

And thus she became the first Martyr of Islam to find her place in the heaven as the Prophet (SAWS) has promised.